National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day 2015

A Florida Panther cub. Help this endangered species and more like it on National Wildlife Day 2015

National Wildlife Day (NWD) 2015 falls on Friday, September 4th. For far too long, animals have been illegally hunted and poached. Because of this, many of the world's species have been classified as either imperiled, endangered or have been deemed completely extinct. NWD marks the day of the year on which the conservation and preservation of threatened species is brought to the forefront. NWD also acknowledges Zoos and animal sanctuaries for doing their part in attempting to conserve all of the world's threatened species. The founder of National Wildlife Day, Colleen Paige, also aims to inform the public about wildlife preservation.

How you can help on National Wildlife Day:

                  1. Donate - Wildlife Conservation Society
                  2. Support your local zoo or sanctuary
                  3. Find creative ways to volunteer

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