Clean Up The World Campaign

Clean Up The World Campaign 2015

Help make the world a better place this September.

Clean Up The World Campaign 2015

September 18, 2015 - September 20, 2015

The annual Clean Up the World Campaign is a weekend-long event which inspires people all over the world to clean up and preserve the environment. The campaign accumulates an estimated 35 million volunteers from all over the globe every year. With it's 35 million volunteers from over 130 countries, the campaign is one of the largest of it's kind. The operation brings together small and large businesses, schools, government agencies and individual activists for environmental remediation and preservation. 

How you can help during the Clean Up The World Campaign weekend:

    • Recycle
      • Recycling is one of the most common forms of environmental preservation. It's ridiculously easy and effective for environmental protection. Get the facts on recycling from Recycling Revolution.
      • Find your nearest recycling center. Use this helpful tool from Earth911 to find the most convenient recycling center for you. Using their site, you can search by location and the material that you wish to recycle. Earth911 will give you list of local results that exactly match your search criteria.
      • Plant a tree
        • The Plant A Billion Campaign aims to plant one billion tress all across the globe. Because deforestation has been so rampant and widespread in these areas, the campaign puts most of its focus in Brazil, The United States and China. Check out the Plant A Billion Campaign's website and read up on how you can support the cause. Or you can visit this donation page on their site and donate to the cause.
        • Conserve and reduce water consumption
        • Reduce emissions
          • 10 easy ways to cut down on emissions right at home, brought to you by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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