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Hello to all prospective brand ambassadors. We have some very exciting news for you! We have recently revamped our ambassador program and our new model includes huge compensation for you based on performance. Before applying to our new program, please review the rules and regulations as outlined below. 

  • Compensation is earned by way of securing purchase orders with shops and boutiques. You will earn a commission of the total sale for first-time buyers. Compensation will be increased for every 5 and 10 shops you refer. On top of your commission, we also donate 8% of the total sale amount to the Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida.
  • The buyer will need to use your name or ISAN when placing their order. This will let us know that you successfully referred them. 
  • In order for the buyer to better remember your name and our company which you will represent, we will be providing all Independent Sales Agents with a business card template. These business cards will include your basic information like full name, ISAN, phone number and email.
  • The ISAN is your unique Independent Sales Agent Number. This will help us identify you and ensure we provide compensation to the correct Sales Agent.
  • Compensation will be paid by way of check. We will mail the check to the address on file.
  • You will be working as an independent sales agent and will not be holding a full-time position with Bayview Prep, LLC. You are working solely as an Independent Sales Agent, and you will be defined as such in all necessary paperwork and proposals. 

To apply, please fill out our form below. In order to expedite this process, please provide your full name, address, phone number and email address. We will input your information into our business card template. We will contact you soon with more information regarding this amazing opportunity. Thanks for your interest in the Bayview Brand!

- Robert DeKorte,


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